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Jeff Hagstrom
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What does the -Ai do? My command looked like:
make_tape_recovery -a /dev/rmt/1mn -I -v
-x inc_entire=vg00 -x inc_entire=bg01.
Will this be bootable interactive tape of the root system? And should take the time and space to backup the /depot directory?
boley janowski
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Re: make_tape_recovery

the A is the core vg00 file system
the i is interactive mode at boot up from the tape.
boley janowski
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Re: make_tape_recovery

the if the /depot is not part of vg00, it will not be picked up by the make_recovery
James R. Ferguson
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Re: make_tape_recovery

Hi Jeff:

Your command looks fine. It will create a recovery tape encompassing all of vg00. You also, correctly, specified a no-rewind tape. When booting from this tape, the Ignite process will be interactive because you specified the "-I" option.

Adding the "-i" option would cause make_tape_recovery to run interactively to allow selection of files and directories to include in the recovery archive. The "-A" option identifies the disks and/or volume groups that contain these specified files.

I generate make_tape_recovery tapes of vg00 and use 'fbackup' and/or other third-party backup tools to backup non-vg00 file systems.

I do not specifically exclude any directories from the definition of vg00. The process of making a tape isn't that time-consuming in my opinion.

BTW, don't confuse the '-i' option of the old 'make_recovery' with the '-i' option of its replacement, 'make_tape_recovery'. The '-I' option of make_tape_recovery is the *same* as the '-i' option of make_recovery. '-I' means cause the Ignite process to be interactive when booting from tape.

Peter Maitland
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Re: make_tape_recovery

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