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Francois Bariselle_3
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Hi all,

Is it the best way to make tape recovery and secure all data on my server ?

1) make_tape_recovery -a /dev/rmt/0mn -I -v -P s -x inc_entire=vg00

Is it good to add "-P s" option and why ?

2) tar command to backup vg01, vg02 and vg03

Some informations:

Model 9000/800/K580
OS Version 10.20

Disk layout
LVM disk Device file HW Addr size vol. grp
SEAGATE ST34371W /dev/dsk/c1t6d0 10/0.6.0 4095 /dev/vg00
SEAGATE ST318203LC /dev/dsk/c0t0d0 8/0.0.0 17358 /dev/vg01
SEAGATE ST318275LC /dev/dsk/c0t1d0 8/0.1.0 17366 /dev/vg01
SEAGATE ST318275LC /dev/dsk/c0t2d0 8/0.2.0 17366 /dev/vg02
SEAGATE ST318275LC /dev/dsk/c0t4d0 8/0.4.0 17366 /dev/vg03

File System layout
LVM Device file mount point size fs type
/dev/vg00/lvol1 /stand 48 hfs
/dev/vg00/lvol2 swap 1024
/dev/vg00/lvol3 / 128 vxfs
/dev/vg00/lvol4 /home 500 vxfs
/dev/vg00/lvol5 /opt 300 vxfs
/dev/vg00/lvol6 /tmp 128 vxfs
/dev/vg00/lvol7 /usr 632 vxfs
/dev/vg00/lvol8 /var 504 vxfs
/dev/vg00 unallocated 828

LVM Device file mount point size fs type
/dev/vg01/lvol1 /rv3 30000 vxfs
/dev/vg01 unallocated 4712

LVM Device file mount point size fs type
/dev/vg02/lvol1 /rv4 14000 vxfs
/dev/vg02 unallocated 3360

LVM Device file mount point size fs type
/dev/vg03/lvol1 /rv5 16000 vxfs
/dev/vg03 unallocated 1360

Swap configuration
type size priority device/location
dev 1024 1 /dev/vg00/lvol2

If my system crash, Do I have all in my possession to recover my server?

Thanks in advance.

Francois Bariselle, ing
SDMI Technologies
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Helen French
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Re: make_tape_recovery

Couple of points:

1) I wouldn't use the -P s option, since it suppresses warnings. I would want to see the warnings or errors if exists. All other options are good (-I, -v -x etc)

2) I would use 'fbackup' instead of tar. You can schedule fbackups manuallay or through SAM. The best practice is to buy and use specific bcakup softwares like OB, Veritas or Legato

3) It's time to upgrade your system to 11.X from 10.20 (not supported now)

4) If you have the recovery tapes and the backups of data, you can easily recover your system from a Disaster
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Geoff Wild
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Re: make_tape_recovery

We use an ignite server, so from cron we do:

30 11 * * 5 /opt/ignite/bin/make_net_recovery -s ignitesvr -x inc_entire=vg00

The -P s is only going to SUPPRESS any warning messages that would normally be generated when partial inclusions occur.

The tar of the othe vg's depends on what is on them - database? then db should be shut down first.

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Re: make_tape_recovery

-It is always a best parctise to create a make_tape_recovery. We run tape recovery every week even though there are not any system wide changes. It's safe! and It saves lot of your time during crisis.!

-P option supress the warning messages when a partial VG is included. I don't use it

- You can restore VG00 in event of crisis from recovery tape. For other VG's use some other backup tools.

Good Luck..
Todd McDaniel_1
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Re: make_tape_recovery


make_tape_recovery is fine for vg00 and related FS...

make_sys_image is great for everything else... here is an excerpt of the man page.

make_sys_image is used to create a system archive of a running single
user or multi-user system. This archive can be in cpio or tar format,
and can be compressed with either compress or gzip. make_sys_image can
be called as a post_config_script by Ignite-UX as part of the install
process, or invoked at the command line on a running system. The
archive can be written to a file, to a tape, or to a raw disk device
on a remote system or to the local system.

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