mkkernel failes with EISA

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nancy rippey
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mkkernel failes with EISA

I am reloading a D390 with HPUX 64 bit OS. It was currently at 32 bit but needs to go to 64 bit for Oracle 9i testing.

During the install a message that the kernel cannot be built due to eisa appears. I removed the eisa entry from /stand/system and the install proceeded normally.

After installing some additional packages and patches I tried to re install the eisa into the kernel. The following message is recieved when the mk_kernel is run
# mk_kernel -s system
WARNING: No such device, tunable, or cdio eisa.
Ignoring the following line.
Compiling conf.c...
Loading the kernel...
Generating kernel symbol table...

Does anyone know of any difference in the eisa on HPUX 11.0 32bit versus 64 bit?

Thanks in advance.

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: mkkernel failes with EISA

EISA is absolutely not supported in 64-bit anything. In fact, the general rule before loading 64-bit 11.x on a D or R box is to remove all EISA cards. EISA is supported in the 32-bit world only.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
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Re: mkkernel failes with EISA

EISA is 32 bit and wont work on 64 bit at all

Manoj Srivastava
nancy rippey
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Re: mkkernel failes with EISA

Thanks Clay
I was told by Hp that it was supported. I will be reopening my incident but my guess is you are completely correct. I have messed with this for 2 hours and was coming to the same conclusion.
doug hosking
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Re: mkkernel failes with EISA

Sorry, Nancy, but it's definitely not
supported on 64-bit HP-UX systems.

Quoting from the 11i release notes:
5.3 EISA Interface Cards Are Not 64-bit Compatible

Also see
which says:
HP-UX 11.0 64-bit operation does NOT include support for EISA interface cards; however, they are supported on the 32-bit operating system. System configurations that include the following EISA interfaces cannot be configured to run HP-UX 11.0 64-bit: