multiple OS selection

shashi kanth
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multiple OS selection

I am running ignite on 11iv3.

I have copied 11iv2, and v3 (all releases) to the ignite server, and followed make_depots, make_config, and manage_index.

"manage_index -l" gives me all the versions with all releases.

I have only Itanium clients.

I have created dbprofile on the clients.

when i issue lanboot command on the clients, i am seeing only 11iv3 selection (i am able to install any 11iv3 release), but i am not seeing 11iv2 selection.

Obtaining size of AUTO (172 bytes)
Downloading file AUTO (172 bytes)
1. target OS is B.11.31 IA
2. Exit Boot Loader

I am not seeing 11iv2 option.

How could i get 11iv2 option ?

As per the documentation, when i created dbprofile on the clients , i set the boot file name as /opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi.

Is this something to do with that file ?

Anyone guide me how to solve the above problem?

Thank you.
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Re: multiple OS selection

Please check the "ignite software " installed by you on the server has the boot loaders for
11iv2 & 11iv3 as well.

Do post the following output
swlist -l bundle | grep -i ignite

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Re: multiple OS selection

You probably have only this

Ignite-UX-11-31 C.7.11.439 HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.31 Systems

but you need the same for 11.23 too.

Hope this helps!

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shashi kanth
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Re: multiple OS selection

Thank you, the problem solved.