pax warning about ACL

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pax warning about ACL


I'm having the same problem as Holger Knoppik(,1150,0xb1b153921f1ad5118fef0090279cd0f9,00.html) with pax warnings during make_net_recovery.

I've checked that the patch PHCO_20416 is installed and configured (and I actually reinstalled it), but still I get the warning:
pax: /var/opt/ignite/recovery/client_mnt: Optional ACL entries are not backed up.
pax: /var/opt/ignite/recovery/arch_mnt: Optional ACL entries are not backed up.
WARNING: The pax command returned a non-zero exit status (exit status 1)

Both my Ignite server and client is running hpux 11.00.

Any idears ??

S?ren Dreyer
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Steffi Jones_1
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Re: pax warning about ACL


I think you rather have a pax problem than an ignite problem here.

I would recommend, that you install the latest pax patch PHCO_20416 and all its dependencies and see if that helps.

Just be careful with the patchdependencies and install only the ones which are not on the system yet. One dependency is PHKL_18543 and you do not want to reinstall that patch if already installed. You might mess up the system more than you like :-)

Steffi Jones