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pre_config_cmd not always run


pre_config_cmd not always run

We discovered that the pre_config_cmd that we've put in /var/opt/ignite/config.local is not always run during an Ignite boot.
After some investigation it looks like that this occurs under at least two circumstances:
1) A file /var/opt/ignite/clients//config exists
2) A file /var/opt/ignite/clients//CINDEX contains the text "=TRUE" and so making the most recent ignite image the default recovery choice.

This behaviour is not welcome and undocumented in the Ignite docs.
Has anyone dealt with this behaviour?
Does anyone knowe how to disable this behaviour? (other then delete file /var/opt/ignite/clients//config and modify file /var/opt/ignite/clients//CINDEX before the Ignite boot)