Re: question & installation of ignite on HP-UX 11-11

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question & installation of ignite on HP-UX 11-11

Hello everyone,

I hope some1 can help me about these interrogations:

First question, I want ot install several Station (same hardware coinfiguration) with the same system and software. I would like to know if I can make an Image with make_net_recovery on a Installed station and then use this Image to install the others?

So then my second question...

I'm trying to install the ignite software on a HP-UX 11-11 Station.

I'm using SAM for the installation but it fail on the inetd -c (-1 return error).
anyone has a clue? (I already try to launch the inetd -c command alone and I have ' there is no inetd running ' in return.

Thnaks in advance
Jean-Luc Oudart
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Re: question & installation of ignite on HP-UX 11-11


have you read the HP cookbook (chap 8 - Ignite) ?

check the useful links
"Access the HP-UX Recovery Handbook "

fiat lux
Steven E. Protter
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Re: question & installation of ignite on HP-UX 11-11

Question 1. What should be done is the creation of an Ignite Golden imge. You set up one of the workstations just the way you want as a template and then use make_sys_image to do the golden image. This is one of the utilites the make_tape_recovery and make_net_recovery uses to create images.

make_net_recovery images are system specific and can not be used for system clonging.

On the second issue, I'd check the inetd.conf file and see the setup file in /etc/rc.config.d/ and make sure internet services (inetd) are set to start when the machine does.

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Re: question & installation of ignite on HP-UX 11-11

Hi Vincent,

make_net_recovery can be used for cloning. See doc lpv37703 from the itrc.


make sure inetd.conf has the correct info in it. Should be a tftp and instl_boots entry for ignite.

tftp dgram udp wait root /usr/lbin/tftpd tftpd\

instl_boots dgram udp wait root /opt/ignite/lbin/instl_bootd instl_bootd

Re: question & installation of ignite on HP-UX 11-11

the first question I've clone with the command

/opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery -A -I -v

if you've large files dosn't work right

second question

with swinstall (the next example it's for B.4.1.61 ignite version)

swinstall â s /alcatel/DEPOT/Ignite-UX-11-00_B.4.1.61_HP- UX_B.11.22_IA+PA.depot â *â

perhaps you need install some patches see the corresponding
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Re: question & installation of ignite on HP-UX 11-11

Thanks ofr all of you about your consideration, I solved my 2 problems (well I hope so), Now I'm trying to install the Image I made on an other station.

the 2 stations are on the same network, the server IP address is configured, the other one is totally new (not installed).

Does anyone knows how to boot directly on the Server Station and use the **.tar file(made with make_sys_image)?

Thanks again