save_config error

Marcel Garcia Will
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save_config error

Hi, I??ve made a make_net_recovery and it fails. The following error message apears in log file:

======= 06/23/03 11:32:02 SAT Started /opt/ignite/bin/make_net_recovery. (Mon
Jun 23 11:32:02 SAT 2003)
@(#) Ignite-UX Revision B.4.1.61
@(#) net_recovery (opt) $Revision: 10.597 $
You have 10 seconds to cancel archive creation...
Do you want to cancel? (y or n)
rm: directory /var/tmp/pax_test not removed. Cannot remove current directory
* Checking Versions of Recovery Tools
* Creating System Configuration.
* /opt/ignite/bin/save_config -f /var/opt/ignite/recovery/client_mnt/0x0
0306E08CE76/recovery/2003-06-23,11:32/system_cfg vg00
/opt/ignite/bin/save_config[204]: mkfs: Execute permission denied.
save_config: error - unable to determine file system length

======= 06/23/03 11:32:47 SAT make_net_recovery completed unsuccessfully

Any idea about where I get wrong?
Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: save_config error


save_config run by make_net(tape)_recovery determines the filesystem options by running 'mkfs -m logical_volume" command.

Run it manually on any of the filesystems and see if it works.

mkfs -m /dev/vg00/lvol7

You will get more details from /var/opt/ignite/recovery/latest/recovery.log

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Enrico P.
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Re: save_config error

check this:
ll /usr/sbin/mkfs
lrwxr-xr-x 1 root root /usr/sbin/mkfs-> /sbin/fs_wrapper


ll /opt/ignite/bin/save_config
-r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin