specifying environments with make_depots

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specifying environments with make_depots

Hi, can anyone help me with this?

I have made a depot on my Ignite server from an MCOE DVD, and when I install from it I get invited to choose between Foundation, Enterprise and Mission Critical.

I want to create a depot with ONLY Foundation on it - what syntax do I need with the make_depots command?

I am ok with the source and destination parts I just need to know how to tell it to take Foundation only? I've checked the man-page and whilst it initially looked promising talking about OpEnvironments categories, it doesn't really elaborate enough on that for me to get the right syntax.
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Re: specifying environments with make_depots

'make_depots' will generally copy everything from media to the server.

What you really need is a config file that restricts the OE choices.

'make_config' creates a config file based on the depot contents. You could edit this config file and
- make defaults
- remove stanzas for OEs you never use
- etc.
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Re: specifying environments with make_depots

What I really need is a smaller depot!

Taking the choice of MCOE & EOE out of the config file is a cosmetic solution (which I may use btw :-) ) but I really want to get the size of my depot down a bit and thought there must be a way of saying something like "make_depots -s -t -o OpEnvironments=FOUNDATION"
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Re: specifying environments with make_depots


Never come across make_depots features..

if you got the DVD
Downgrading an OE

If you wish to downgrade your system from a higher-level OE, say, from Mission
Critical OE to 11i OE, first use update-ux to install the smaller OE from the
latest set of HP-UX 11i media, then use swremove to remove the unwanted OE
bundle and its software. For example, to move from the 64-bit Mission Critical
OE to the 64-bit default 11i OE:

Step 1. As root, add default HP-UX 11i OE:

CD-ROM: /usr/sbin/update-ux -s /cdrom -y HPUX11i-OE-Ent
DVD: /usr/sbin/update-ux -s /dvdrom -y HPUX11i-OE-Ent
The -y option tells update-ux to ignore warning messages and complete
the update.

Step 2. Remove the Mission Critical software:

/usr/sbin/swremove HPUX11i-OE-MC

This command removes the IPD entries and software for the additional
(superset) software in the Mission Critical OE, leaving the default HP-UX 11i
OE software intact.

Problem never ends, you must know how to fix it
Scot Bean
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Re: specifying environments with make_depots

I would NOT mess with the depot contents. The various OE flavors overlap. Trying to downsize the depot with 'swremove' etc seems risky to me, I would not go there.

Maybe HP can sell you more disk space ;)
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Re: specifying environments with make_depots

In the end I used swremove to remove the MCOE components from my depot, leaving just FOE and it worked fine. I also had to re-make the config and INDEX files.