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swapping disk?

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swapping disk?

Superdome SX2000

 tape is the machine which is restore

when i restore os (11.31) from a tape

it dispalys below messages




* Beginning installation from source: /dev/rmt/c1t3d0BEST
======= 05/28/12 04:31:35 EDT Starting system configuration...
* Configure_Disks: Begin
* Swapping 1 SAS disk(s) to match selected configuration.
ERROR: io_errno(16) : No match found.
ERROR: SwapSASDevices(): Cannot ioctl(SAS_REPLACE_TGT) for SAS interface/HBA 75,0x20000 (return code = -1): m. Cannot reorder/reassign SAS disks/LUNs so hardware
paths match physical location order. Disk/LUN at index 3 with hardware path "0/0/13/0/0/0/", physical location "SAS:ENC2:BAY01", must swap with
disk/LUN at index 0 with hardware path "0/0/2/0/0/0/", physical location "SAS:ENC2:BAY01".
* Complete restoration of hardware paths can not be achieved due to the above ERROR message(s). In some cases the installation may complete. Please give this
information to your HP support representative. Please see the "Ignite-UX and SAS Devices" white paper at for more





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Re: swapping disk?

The error message makes two suggestions:


  • "Please give this information to your HP support representative."

Have you tried either?

Kris Knigga