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warning in make_tape_recovery

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warning in make_tape_recovery

Hello everybody,

I run make_tape_recovery -v -x inc_entire=vg00 -x inc_entire=vg01 for full entire system backup. After it finished, system says, ‘make_tape_recovery completed with warnings’. I reviewed the logs printed on screen and find the following line.
WARNING: list_expander returned a warning,please check the log file
What is this warning and where is the log file that I have to check?
Please Advice.
Sivakumar TS
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Re: warning in make_tape_recovery

Hi Hassan,

This is a very common and most frequently occurring error in IUX. This has been discussed already in forum,

Please check ,



With Regards,

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Re: warning in make_tape_recovery


The "list_expander" is doing a job of files parsing and creates "flist" required for the archive. The file parasing is limited depending on the include option given while making the archive. It check for every file when it walks down the root path (incluing)to determine it's type. This is applicable for normal file as well device files.

It may be a case in which the file type could not be "stat" (un-identified) maybe on account soft errors ( read error, uknown )and archive creation process need not be stopped. In this case it will flash the warning message, log the details in the log file and continue the archive creation process including those files as well.

Checking the "recovery.log" should be the way of knowing the 'WARNING" details.
The "recovery.log" file is located in

Which Ignite-ux version you are dealing with? What's the patch status of the system?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: warning in make_tape_recovery

Shalom Hasan,

warnings are tolerable. A lot of them come from names of files containing illegal characters. Its best to make them go away, but you don't have to, the archive will still restore if needed.

The make_tape_recovery job creates a log file which it displays. That should include a pointer to the right log file.

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