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end of support date on Dashboard?

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end of support date on Dashboard?

Hi, I haven't been active on these forums since HP bought Nimble and shutdown the Nimble forums, and I find this site very difficult to navigate and search for relevant info, so forgive me if the answer is out there somewhere.
We used to be able to find the "End of Support" date on our Array's dashboard, I believe - or maybe on the Infosight site, but I can't seem to find this info anywhere anymore.  Has that been removed or moved somewhere?
I believe it used to be displayed on the Array/Infosight in the area where it shows you the heartbeats under "system".  I know when my support date ends (I believe), but want to double-check.  Yes, I could call or email support about this, but it should be available like it always has been.
OS (They've been holding back OS 4.5 and 5.0 on my CS210 for over 1 year.  Support has nose-dived since HP, as expected)

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Re: end of support date on Dashboard?

You can find the end of support date on InfoSight.

Go to Infrastructure > Arrays > Monitoring Services/SupportEOS-Date.PNG