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Cannot cleanup ICE-Linux Repository


Cannot cleanup ICE-Linux Repository


I've recently upgraded HP ICE-Linux from 2.0 to 2.00.01. I don't recall having this problem before, but I am now unable to cleanup my ICE-Linux Repository. I am running HP SIM 5.2.2. If I go to Options / Manage ICE Repository, I see several captured image. If I select one ore more, then click "Delete", nothing happens. I've tried this using Firefox and IE. I understand that I still may have to cleanup /opt/repository/image on the SIM server, but my problem is that I'm unable to remove the name from the Repository database.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! John
Mitchell Kulberg
Valued Contributor

Re: Cannot cleanup ICE-Linux Repository

Well John,

You've found something totally new! Congratulations! :)

When you say 'nothing happens', can you elaborate more?

Does the GUI act like it did it but then the item is still there. Is there a delay where it appears to be doing something but nothing happens, or is it like you are clicking something that is not really a link?

One other thing you can check.

When you go to delete the item, monitor the log file at /var/opt/mx/logs/mxdomainmgr.0.log and see if there are any error messages or exceptions.


Re: Cannot cleanup ICE-Linux Repository


When I click on "Delete", in IE it shows "Waiting for https...." for a split second on the bottom of the browser. In Firefox, I see "Loading..." in my tab for also a split second. I did a tail -f on mxdomainmgr.0.log and it did not display any messages when I clicked "Delete".

Thanks, John
Jay Greguske
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cannot cleanup ICE-Linux Repository

Hi John,

Could you check a few things for me?

- There should be a corresponding .xml file in /opt/repository/.icle that is named the same as the captured image. Is that still present after trying to delete the repository entry in the UI?

- Is /opt/repository/.icle on a read-only filesystem? (NFS mounted?)

- Does the SIM user you're logging in as have permission to modify the contents of the /opt/repository/.icle directory?

- Jay
Donna Firkser
Regular Advisor

Re: Cannot cleanup ICE-Linux Repository

Can you send us the contents of /opt/mx/icle/ I want to make sure the REPOSITORY_HTTP_IP attribute isn't set to the address.


Re: Cannot cleanup ICE-Linux Repository


In /opt/repository/.icle, the corresponding .xml file does still exist after I click Delete in the HP SIM GUI. That directory is local to the system and has these properties:

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Nov 22 11:50 /opt/repository/.icle

I am able to manually create a file in that directory as root, which is who I'm loggin in as in HP SIM.


Here's the contents of


Thanks! John