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Craziness with ICLE 1.6 and setting system time

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Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

Craziness with ICLE 1.6 and setting system time

I just installed a new DL360 based ICLE server, upgraded to 1.6

On first boot I set the time. Took OK.
Then I set the timezone - and the time bounced back 2 hours.

So I reboot. And the TZ is back to CDT. And the time is now off by several hours.

So I go into the Time config, and reset the time (server reboots - that's INSANE for Linux)

And the server restarts, NOW on UTC, with the time off by 7 hours (the server is PDT)

So - can someone clue me on the correct way to set the time so that I don't look MORE like an @$$ in front of my customer??
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Craziness with ICLE 1.6 and setting system time

Shalom Don,

I'd get the hardware checked here. Sounds like you are setting the time correctly but a simple weak battery or other hardware issue could make it go crazy.

I've seem similar issues to this in the past and its come back to hardware or even system board on the server.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/hpuxlinux
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Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

Re: Craziness with ICLE 1.6 and setting system time

Thank you Steven - but in retrospect I think that I may have shot myself in the foot on this issue.

The ICLE 1.6 upgrade notes clearly say that after the upgrade you should close your browser session to insure that new CSS stylesheets get used. While I can't be certain that the time/data anomaly I saw was due to this, I can say with relative certainty that 1) I did NOT close my browser session following the loading of 1.6 and 2) the interface worked as expected today (obviously with a new session). I entered my time, it took it (server remained on UTC, GUI showed PDT with correct offset)

So, I suppose I can't be faulted for not R-ingTFM, but I can likely use a lesson in actually following instruction :D

Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: Craziness with ICLE 1.6 and setting system time

The reason we reboot the linux based OS in ICLE is to manipulate any scheduled tasks. So, it has nothing to do with the linux OS. :)

Matt Palmer_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Craziness with ICLE 1.6 and setting system time


I had a similar prob to this. It did not matter if what I had set the hardware clock time to/and or the control tower appliance, it always defaulted back to CDT or CST. Despite the fact the control tower web page was displaying the correct timezone but the wrong time. I had to run tzconfig from the control tower appliance command line, and this seemed to make the time change survive the reboot.