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Does ICLE support RLX?

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Does ICLE support RLX?

I have 2 RLX 300ex chassis with many blades in production. The RLX Control Tower software only supports linux kernels up to 2.4.x (from what I understand, anyway). We have RH7.3 on those blades. I would like to upgrade our blades to Centos 4.5 (RHEL4.5), which uses a 2.6.x kernel.

Does the ICLE software run on the RLX chassis, does it support the older blades, and can I run a current version of Linux on the target blades?

TIA for any input.
Matt Palmer_2
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Re: Does ICLE support RLX?

Hi Steve,


this details the supported target chassis



Bob Mellesmoen
Occasional Contributor

Re: Does ICLE support RLX?

His Steve,

The HP ICLE does not support the RLX hardware.

Regards, Bob
Greg Folkert
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Re: Does ICLE support RLX?

I guess I should also ask then, how *CAN* we get newer kernels to run on these RLX 300ex chassis blades and still have the CT able to control the blades?

We'd really like to get into the 2.6.x kernels... specifically Even CentOSv5 or Ubuntu Gutsy/Fiesty/Edgy/Dapper or Debian Etch/Sarge/Lenny.

I ask, as these are not bad blades, just the 2.4.x kernels aren't where we need to be, but we would STILL like to use the RLX Control Tower... as it is handy.
Robert Crockett
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Re: Does ICLE support RLX?

Unfortunately there has been no development on the RLX Control Tower product since HP bought RLX back in October of 2005. So there is no easy method to get the new kernels working, it would have to be reverse engineered as there is no support in the new HP version (ICLE) for any RLX hardware.