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HP SIM Install on Red Hat Linux 5.7

Super Advisor

HP SIM Install on Red Hat Linux 5.7

I just installed HP SIM on a Red Hat 5.7 server: SIM_6.3_Z7550_00078.bin


The install said it completed successfully but the hpsmdb service fails to start afterwards:


[root]# service hpsmdb start

Starting hpsmdb service:                                   [FAILED]



I check the log files under: /var/opt/mx/logs but there is nothing indicating

what the issue may be...

Is there someplace else to look ?? /var/log/messages does not contain any error messages either...


Can anyone be of assistance ??

Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SIM Install on Red Hat Linux 5.7



I forwarded your question to the SIM team.  I've pasted their response below.






It seems that the database logs were not checked. The database logs might indicate if something has gone wrong in the db server during the SIM installation or prior to SIM installation. The database logs are located at:



Also because of some reason if the postmaster service is down, it can be restarted manually. Here are the steps:


1. On the CMS, switch to user hpsmdb:

# su hpsmdb

2. Start the postmaster command:

# /opt/hpsmdb/bin/postmaster –D /var/opt/hpsmdb/data &

NOTE: This command must run in the background.

3. Return to the root shell:

# exit

4. When the root prompt returns, stop the hpsmdbservice if it is already running:

# /etc/init.d/hpsmdb stop

5. Start the hpsmdb service.

# /etc/init.d/hpsmdb start

6. Restart SIM:

# mxstart