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Health agents cannot find P410i controller


Health agents cannot find P410i controller

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) x64 on a BL460c G7 with a P410i Smart Array controller. I have the latest agents installed ( from


Natty comes with the hpsa driver for scsi and this is used instead of the older cciss driver.


It appears that the health agents for the SMH and SNMP do not support hpsa or at least cannot find this card.


According to


Health monitoring
The HP Systems Management Homepage (SMH) and SNMP Storage Agents fully support hpsa for
health and status monitoring



However, with a failed drive:


  • SMH > Webapps shows that the "hmastor" agent is loaded, however, the storage module on the page reports as green/healthy and has no information besides diskspace.
  • The SNMP points for the cpqDaMibCondition oid return (2) OK.


From /var/log/hp-snmp-agents/cma.log:


Jan 19 16:21:37 ubuntu cmaidad[1327]: neither SMART2 ARRAY nor CCISS nor HPACHISR drivers are loaded


The hpacucli utility and the cciss_vol_status utility from do report the array status correctly.


Are there any fixes for these agents forthcoming? Are there any workarounds to have this version of agents recognize this card?


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Re: Health agents cannot find P410i controller

I have the exact same error but then on the rhel 6.2 kernel used within proxmox.



The hpacucli tools shows disk info and array status but the smh only shows the disk space info.


When using the hpsa-3.0.0-2 driver from then i get the same log messages but then an snmpwalk shows the correct information and also the smh.


I also have installed the rhel 9.0 support pack on the proxmox (debian squeeze based) system but there i have the same issues.


see my thread on the proxmox forum: