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How to rediscover blade/server

Alex Samad
Frequent Advisor

How to rediscover blade/server


my initial install of ice linux found all my blades in the enclosure. But I made soem changes to the static dhcp mapping, changing ip and hostname.

I deleted all the servers in the server field and then pxe booted all the boxs, all but 1 has been discovered properly, the last one keeps failing when I go to maintenance mode on pxe boot, starts up and sits there. I have tried added it in manually and then identify it but that hasn't helped, can't find all the information I have for the other blades

what is the proper way to rescan a server ?
Mitchell Kulberg
Valued Contributor

Re: How to rediscover blade/server

Occasionally, you can get in a state where deleting the node from SIM doesn't clean up everything. In particular, there are PXE boot files in the directory /opt/respoitory/boot/pxelinux.cfg that might need to be removed manually. These files correspond to the MAC address of the NIC on the system. So first, delete the node from SIM, then go to that directory and remove any files that match the NICs on your managed node. Then, you should be able to power on the node and have the bare metal discovery process work.