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ICE-Linux + ESXi?

Sarah Nordstrom
Frequent Advisor

ICE-Linux + ESXi?

Is there any way to use ICE-Linux to deploy an OS on VMware ESXi guests? I've tried doing bare-metal discovery on a guest and it kernel panics trying to insmod the hp_ilo module. I've tried to use the auto-discovered 'guest' node in SIM to do the installation, but it fails because there's no BMC associated with it (as it's never really been discovered). Is this possible in some way using ICE-Linux/SIM/ESXi?
Rigoberto Corujo
Frequent Advisor

Re: ICE-Linux + ESXi?

Hi Sarah,

VMware is currently not supported on ICE-Linux, but we are looking at that requirement for an upcoming release.

I would like to collect some information from you, if you don't mind, to better understand what you are doing.

- How are you planning to use VMWare, or any other virtualization technology? Is this just "kicking-the-tires" right now? What are your long-term plans and/or hopes for virtualization?

- Do you have a homogeneous Linux environment, or is it mixed with Windows or other operating systems?

- What operating systems do you want to run on your guests? What Linux versions?

- Are you currently using HP tools for managing VMWare ESX/ESXi (i.e. Virtual Machine Management (VMM) Software)?

- If so, are you running it stand-alone with HP SIM or integrated with ICE-Windows?

- What method did you use, and plan to use, to create guests?

- Are you currently using Virtual Center to manage your VMWare ESX/ESXi?

- If not, are you willing to allow a Windows-based Virtual Center in your environment?

Thank you.