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ICLE 1.6 and BL465c - iLO going pack to "zero" IP

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

ICLE 1.6 and BL465c - iLO going pack to "zero" IP

New ICLE 1.6 install.
2 7000 chassis loaded with BL465c (1.8s, 16GB, dual drives)
Added 326m, Quad pass-thrus (if it matters)
External switching is Foundry (basic setup, dedicated switch, no VLANs)

On discovery, blades are randomly setting their iLO IP to Typically 4 to 6 blades in each chassis. Some of them "come back" after a while, some of them don't come back until the blade is pulled from the chassis & reseated.

ALL iLO were verified for firmware rev and set to DHCP.

I have not had opportunity to look at the chassis today, but when I left it last night it had at least stabilized. So it appears that this was just in the first hours around initial discovery.

Is there an explanation for this? Customer less than thrilled with ICLE/H-P Blades ATM......

Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: ICLE 1.6 and BL465c - iLO going pack to "zero" IP

Don, have you verified your version of iLO2 firmware and OA firmware ?

I will do some research, but I seem to remember this being fixed in a firmware upgrade. :)

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

Re: ICLE 1.6 and BL465c - iLO going pack to "zero" IP

Yep - they're all 1.29 "Blade Version"

All Blades are OK now except for ONE that does not show a device model when looking at the Blades under the OA web interface. It shows a "1. " but that's it (whereas Blade 2 shows "2. BL465c yada yada"