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ICLE to ICE-L??? ICLE dead???

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

ICLE to ICE-L??? ICLE dead???

This page: relatively worthless.

What happened to ICLE? Is it DEAD? If it's not, HP is doing a really, really poor job of not making look that way.

How do ICLE users get on ICE-L 2.0 - both from a licensing perspective AND a functional perspective? ICE-L appears to require an underlying OS - and it's not Debian as ICLE is - so my gut tells me: forklift upgrade.

I've got customers that were startled to see ICLE gone, ICE-L 2.0 in place, and they never got a word from HP about what was taking place. Now I am scrambling to assist (HP Linux is no longer my primary function)

Is there any product announcement that addresses this that wasn't written by a Marketing person that's never laid hands on the product?????????

What happened to Robert Crockett? Not only has he fallen off the face of the earth (via email) his posts appear "cleansed" from this forum as well, and his profile no longer says he works @ HP.....
Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: ICLE to ICE-L??? ICLE dead???

Hello Don, good to hear from ya...
I am still around although I am not supporting the new ICE-Linux product. That support is being done by Chris Grandinetti and his team. I will let Chris or someone from his team communicate with you to understand these changes. But if you ever need to contact me here at HP you have my email. :)

best regards,

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

Re: ICLE to ICE-L??? ICLE dead???

Thanks Robert - I posted up in Chris's thread here and he's offered some pointers.

Glad you're still around ;)

Christopher Grandinetti
Frequent Advisor

Re: ICLE to ICE-L??? ICLE dead???

Hi Don,

I've answered the questions in your first 2 paragraphs in the other posting that you replied to.

I've sent a copy of this posting to Robert Crocket (who does still work for HP and still supports ICLE) and our marketing person. Robert will reply to you via email and I'll ask soemone from marketing to post a response to your Product Announcemnt question.