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Kickstart agent install

Glenn Meuth
Occasional Visitor

Kickstart agent install

I'm using the agent install macro in the kickstart definition, but once the system comes back online I still must run "Install Agents" from HP ICE/SIM in order to get the monitoring working. Is there a way to get them to fully install during the kickstart process so I can remove this manual step?

If not, how can I script so the install can be ran from the new box by a init script?
Donna Firkser
Regular Advisor

Re: Kickstart agent install


What version of ICE-Linux are you running?

You're right that there are multiple manual steps for setting up the ICE-Linux management agents. After you install the OS on all your target nodes, you have to run "Configure or Repair Agents" to set up the SIM SSH keys and then run "Configure ICE-Linux Management Agents" to set up ICE-Linux monitoring.

Am I understanding correctly in that you are looking to automate the CRA and "onfigure ICE-Linux Management Agents" steps?
Glenn Meuth
Occasional Visitor

Re: Kickstart agent install

Running Ice 2.11, and yes, we wish to automate those steps. If we can run them from a post-install script (as we are for the PSP), we can remove most of the manual interaction in building a server - a primary goal of our project.

I can use web crawler semantics to drive the UI like web service calls, but I'd prefer to make direct calls or execute commands on the CMS to cause the C/R Agents & Install of Agents. Doing so is going to help us realize a much steeper return on investment.