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PSP 8.5 rhel5.i686

John Guster
Trusted Contributor

PSP 8.5 rhel5.i686

install PSP 8.5 on rhel5 x86 proliant system with hpsum, many packages in the PSP were not installed, see an example when install hp-health:
hpasm conflicts with hp-health-8.5
it seems hpasm conflicts with many packages. Is this normal?
Andras Ordogh
Valued Contributor

Re: PSP 8.5 rhel5.i686

hello John,

no, it's not normal.
every time, when i installed a psp, it worked perfectly

- do you downlod the right psp? not the latest, the latest on what is your hardware supported? (what kind of proliant do you have?)
- you have a psp supported hardware? (not an 1xx series?)
- x86 vs 62bit linux? you use the right psp?
- do you installd the prerequisites?

Honored Contributor

Re: PSP 8.5 rhel5.i686

"hpasm" is part of the older set of HP Proliant monitoring drivers & tools, while hp-health is part of the newer set. You cannot have both sets installed at the same time.

Before installing the new PSP, you should remove the older set of drivers and tools. This includes at least:
- hpasm (replaced by hp-health and hp-snmp-agents)
- hprsm (replaced by the "hpilo" driver module included in newer Linux kernels)
- cmanic (replaced by hp-snmp-agents)
- cmastor (replaced by hp-snmp-agents)

As you can see, the new set is arranged differently from the old one, so the new packages cannot just replace old ones one-to-one.