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PSP 8.x log alerts to syslog

Gerardo Arceri
Trusted Contributor

PSP 8.x log alerts to syslog

Is there any way to configure the health agents to log alerts (like failed fans/temperatures/raid controller msgs) to syslog?

Sending snmp traps will not do any good here.
Also, is there any option to configure thresholds for the fans and temperatures ?

Thanks in advance.
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: PSP 8.x log alerts to syslog

check out the man page for hp-health
(have not tried this)

The "hpasmlited" application has the ability to log raw IPMI
messages (as does the hp-OpenIPMI package) to the "/var/log/mes-
sages" file to assist with debugging IPMI BMC integration
issues. Edit the file,


and modify the line,

PFLAGS="-f $(guess_dev_file)"


PFLAGS="-f $(guess_dev_file) -d 4"

under the line containing: 'PNAME="hpasmlited"'.
Donna Firkser
Regular Advisor

Re: PSP 8.x log alerts to syslog

Are you running Insight Control for Linux? And if so, do you have Nagios monitoring configured on your CMS?

Gerardo Arceri
Trusted Contributor

Re: PSP 8.x log alerts to syslog

These are RH 5.4 BL680c Servers
I have installed PSP 8.40 and hp-health hp-snmp-agents and hp-ilo are running.
I want to log hardware events (like DIMM errors / hdd problems / fan / temp events) to syslog.
Is there anything else that should be installed ?