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PSP on Linux

Regular Advisor

PSP on Linux

How can I find what version of PSP has been installed on a RHEL 5.3 server? I've been told that the PSP has been installed although I can't get onto the SMH page and HP SIM does not retrieve any information.
The server is a DL380 G6

Howard Rifkin
Occasional Visitor

Re: PSP on Linux

Log into the server and enter the following command;

rpm -qa | grep hp

You should see;


the first set on numeric digits, in this case 8.50, should be the last psp version that the component was updated. These three are needed for SIM to collect data. For the SMH page to work you also need



Donna Firkser
Regular Advisor

Re: PSP on Linux

Do you know how the PSP got installed on this server? e.g.

Was it manually installed?

Did you use the "Install Linux PSP" option provided by SIM "Configure or Repair Agents"?

Did you use IC-Linux?

I ask because if you used IC-Linux you can also see the psp version in the /tmp/icelxpspinstall directory.

# ls /tmp/icelxpspinstall/psp-*
Super Advisor

Re: PSP on Linux


May i know, in your environment have you successfully sending the traps from Linux server to SIM?

I am unable to send the traps from server to SIM and see some authentication failure for hpsmh user when i send the trap from server.

If you don't mind, may i have the /etc/snmp/snmp.conf file and sudoers file for the comparision.

Thank you.