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Re: SLES9 Install Source on ICLE

Matt Palmer_2
Respected Contributor

SLES9 Install Source on ICLE

I am having probs getting the SLES9.0 installation source to work. I have followed as detailed in the user guide, creating a SLES9 and CORE9 directory and, selecting eth1 and not auto,etc.

This all works fine, and my BL460c(c7000 chassis) does begin to boot into the installation procedure, but stops the installation procedure and goes into the manual setup screen, saying that it cannot find the installation source. Obviously I have missed something, but I cant seem to find what.

I know the ICLE server is ok with regard to provisioning other flavours as SLES10.0 and 10.1 both apply fine.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated, as I have spent most of the day trawling release notes and google and itrc to no avail.

thanks in advance

John T. Willis
Occasional Advisor

Re: SLES9 Install Source on ICLE


The SLES9 operating system consists of the CORE9 images, the SLES9 image, and the Service Pack images.

Each overlays and updates components from the other pieces.

They are all required in your install source to complete a successful install.

SLES9 with no Service Pack was released in August 2004, before the chipset used for the network interface in that server was available.

Please make sure you have at least Service Pack 1 integrated into your install source, and give some thought to using the latest available Service Pack (SP4) in your install source. You can download the the latest Service Pack images at

The Service Packs are designed to update and provide additional support for newer hardware, as well at fix security risks in previously released packages.


Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: SLES9 Install Source on ICLE

Hello Matt, as John states... the first release of SLES 9 did not have the correct drivers for the chipset HP used for those blade servers.
Also, there is one more thing that is related to that specific blade (BL460c)...
you must ONLY have eth0 in the ICLE Management network. That one blade has a problem in that ICLE cannot isolate the necessary NIC as it does on all other c-Class blades at this time. To check if this is the problem get to the console of that blade via the OA/iLO2 when provisioning, it should place you at a linux 'bash' prompt when it stops. Then type 'ifconfig' and see if the other NIC has an IP from the ICLE DHCP server (or any other NIC's if you have the optional mezzanine card). There should only be one NIC (NIC1, eth0) that has an IP assigned from the ICLE DHCP server (and the OA and iLO2). If any other NIC has an IP from the ICLE DHCP server, you will need to create a VLAN and place only NIC1 of each blade in that VLAN.

best regards,

Honored Contributor

Re: SLES9 Install Source on ICLE

Start with SLES9SP3 and it should work.
Matt Palmer_2
Respected Contributor

Re: SLES9 Install Source on ICLE

thanks for the replies guys, but I ended up going to 10,as I had no time and more issues caused than solved with 9. And I figured a work around with that.

thanks again.