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Some Customer Issue with CT.

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Some Customer Issue with CT.

Hello All.

Today I installed 16 BladeC in two RACKS.
The CT appl. in DL360 G5.

The Customer have some Q.
1. How can we delete from the dhcp database IPs which marked "permanent".
2. To change now The CT IP & DHCP table (After installing the server & register all blades - no OS installed yet). Do we need Just to resyncronise the DATABASE.
3. The customer dont want the ILO to be connected with the management network. Can we move the ILO network to other subnet , After finish register all noeds? ( i know that some functionality will not work).
4. how we can change network ip & hostname on nodes before deploying image to it. ( I dont think we can do it. )
5.can we use another client NIC as management after registration.

Sorry for all those Questions.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Some Customer Issue with CT.


I can answer at least one of your questions.

1. To change this you need to get the hosts using those ip's off the network.
3. ilo can be connected to any network and use any subnet you want. Use the F8 key at boot to configure it.
Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: Some Customer Issue with CT.

Hello Klemer,

A1. The only way to delete IP's that are assigned by ICLE is to delete their registration entry in the 'Admin, Components, Component Manager' screen. Just click in the box to the far right of that entry to place a check in that box (or boxes) and then click the 'delete' button just above all of the boxes on the right. This effectively removes the device from the ICLE database, and you will need to re-PXE boot the blade to get the re-registration to occur. Note: the enclosure is registered when the first blade is registered, so if you want to re-register the OA - you must delete all blades in that enclosure.

A2. You will want your iLO's and OA's to have their IP's already assigned before registering them in ICLE (PXE boot the blades to perform registration) since we will write those entries to the ICLE database during the registration process. Keep in mind if they change for any reason... you will have to do these two steps again on those blades. The only time we gather the registration information is during the PXE boot registration process, you cannot write directly to the database or 'syncronize' the database to get this information applied.

A3. See answer #2, yes you can do this.. but the key is the iLO and OA must have an IP before the registration process begins.

A4. You cannot change the network IP (of all non ICLE Management NIC's, which is NIC1 of each blade) prior to deploying an OS. Remember that the ICLE Management NIC (NIC1) is dedicated to the ICLE management network and MUST be assigned by ICLE's DHCP Server. All other NIC's are available to assign any way you desire. Also, we have nothing to do with an OS's hostname, so that must be set after the OS is installed or deployed, or this can be set in an unattended text file if that method is used to install an OS.

A5. No, we must have direct and absolute communication to the ICLE Management NIC that is defined and assigned an IP by the ICLE DHCP Server at all times to do our work in ICLE.

Hope this answers all of your questions... :)

Frequent Advisor

Re: Some Customer Issue with CT.

Hello Robert.

Thank you very much. Yes you answerd my Questions !!!!!!!

someone must change the CT Install guide which says:

The iLO from each server blade must be connected to the management network. In the BladeSystem p-Class enhanced
server blade enclosure (located on the server blade enclosure management module) these iLO ports are connected
together internally.
To connect the iLO from each enclosure, perform one of the following steps:
â ¢ On a BladeSystem p-Class enhanced server blade enclosure, connect the iLO port on the enclosure (located on
the server blade enclosure management module) to the interconnect switch, and include the port in the
management network VLAN.
â ¢ On a BladeSystem c-Class Server blade enclosure, connect the iLO/OA port on the enclosure (located on the
OA module) to the interconnect switch, and include the port in the management network VLAN.
NOTE: All these interfaces must be configured to DHCP.


Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: Some Customer Issue with CT.

Well... we don't want to change that statement because we only officially support customers connecting the iLO's and OA's to the ICLE Mgmt network. We allow the iLO and OA to be on a separate subnet, but there could be problems with this configuration due to networking issues in a complex network environment.