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Trouble reaching iLO's through ICLE

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Trouble reaching iLO's through ICLE


I'ma having some issues connecting through ICLA reaching iLO's & OA's.

I have got all the blades registered and have the entire management network on a vlan. If I use the socks.php config with firefox everything works ok but using this with IE7 I can't get to the iLO's. "Page cannot be found etc.." If I specify the socks proxy manually I can get to the iLO's but the ActiveX sesion fails - I get the activeX control ok but then the connect fails with an error telling me to check if telnet is enabled(?)..

While firefox works with Java it's a bit clunky. Java falls over a bit too often.

This is going to be a very remote system and I'm getting nervous as production approaches. Any ideas ?

To be honest I'm finding ICLE a bit flaky in a few areas (SLES provisioning to name but one) and getting support for it from HP is proving to be a challenge. I'd be interested to hear others mileage.

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
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Re: Trouble reaching iLO's through ICLE

I have not tried IE7 myself, but a co-worker was able to access our c7000 chassis without issue. Our OAs are on 1.30 but the Blades are still on 1.29. What rev are you at?

What if you try the iLO addresses directly?

Does IE7 have some other security hooks (on scripting or ActiveX??) that might be at fault?

I would agree that the Java implementation is rather issue-laden.

As far as ICLE in general, well, I am extremely jaded because of a long history as a Red Hat guy and a deep understanding of kickstart (and what RH Satellite can do) but after some extensive work with ICLE (2 in-house installs and a customer implementation) I am not really a fan. I don't expect that if I were a lot stronger in AutoYaST I'd not have the same feelings. To be blunt, I'll probably avoid it wherever possible until it sees some major removal of the voodoo on the back end and limitations in imaging. But that is just my opinion. It does do some cool stuff, but the cost-to-value ratio for me right now is not good.

As far as H-P support, well, I made my first-ever call to support last Friday (I am a reseller and have never really had cause because of other technical contacts I've always relied on) and the Red Hat guy on duty REFUSED to talk to me because my question was around iSCSI and "H-P doesn't have a driver". Even thought my customer purchased RH support via H-P. (again, another error I am not soon to repeat). Perhaps it's because my customer only bought about $.5M in hardware and support...

...but at least I'm not bitter.

I've only relied on the forums and some direct contacts for ICLE support.