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Upgrade from ICE 2.01 to 6.2

Holger Zierold
Occasional Contributor

Upgrade from ICE 2.01 to 6.2

we are using 2.01 for some time now and need to support new hardware regarding image creation and deployment. BL460G6 and DL380G7 do not seem to work with this version.
I have seen in the ICE 6.2 Support Matrix that an upgrade from 2.0x to 6.2 is not supported and will not be allowed by the script.
Will we be able to at least re-use (or re-import somehow) the images captured with the old version or do we have to creat new images for the servers?
Thanks and best regards
Donna Firkser
Regular Advisor

Re: Upgrade from ICE 2.01 to 6.2

That's a good question. As far as I know, we've never tested this scenario. One of the developers said it should work and worse case you could go into maintenance mode and partition the disk by hand and then untar the image.

Are you still under contract? If so, another option is to download the IC-Linux 6.0 kit and do two upgrades. Upgrade from 2.01 to 6.0 and then upgrade from 6.0 to 6.2.

Does this help?