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fail to discover & registering target server

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fail to discover & registering target server


I am tring to build control tower server for Demo.

Everything is looking good , but when i am trying to discover & register new target server its boot from pxe - but i dont see it registered.

I look at Components Manager.

3. From Control Tower, you can monitor the registration progress by selecting Admin>Components>Components Manager. Successfully registered components appear on the Components Manager page with a green
component status icon. After a component appears on the Components Manager page with the green component status icon, the component is fully registered and ready to be managed or deployed by ControlTower.

I am sending a print screen of the target server.

maybe someone have some ideas what the problem is.

Thanks in Advance.

Shalom Klemer

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: fail to discover & registering target server

Shalom Shalom,

I've always wanted to post that.

Can you tell me the OS of the system.

If its HP-UX, feel free to use the email form in my profile or call the main switchboard at NDS Jerusalem and ask for Shmuel Protter.

You should take the time to assign points to people that try to help you.


Shmuel Protter
NDS Jerusalem
Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Robert Crockett
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Re: fail to discover & registering target server

Hello Shalom, let me explain how the registration process works with ControlTower.
1. The Control Tower has one network interface (NIC) that is designated as the "Management Network" (it does not have to be dedicated, but recommended). That NIC is connected to the HP Blade Enclosure which has NIC1 of all Blade Servers setup in a VLAN (or hardwired in the same network subnet). This is true if the Control Tower is a DL360 or Blade Server. Note that the iLO (and iLO2) and OA (Onboard Administrator) should also be in the same "Management Network", but not mandatory. If the iLO/OA is required to be outside the "Management Network", they must have their IP's set prior to registration and if they change at any time, the blade should be deleted and re-registered.
2. Now all of the Blade Servers must be PXE booted to begin the registration process. The easiest two methods are to just dis-engage the hard drive from the Blade Server, or use the SUV adapter with a monitor and keyboard and hit the "F12" key when prompted to force a PXE boot. THIS IS A ONE TIME PROCESS, AFTER SUCCESSFULL REGISTRATION THE BOOT ORDER IS MODIFIED BY CONTROL TOWER TO ATTEMPT TO PXE BOOT EVERY TIME ! (if there are no PXE requests, the blade will move to the next device in the boot order)

You should get into the web GUI and observe the DHCP IP leases handed out by Control Tower (System, Network, DHCP Leases). Note there are IP's for the Blade Server NIC's and the iLO's, and once they are registered their status goes 'Permanent'.
If you are still unable to get Blade Servers and/or Enclosures to register, check the 'Events' log to see if there is a reason/description for this failure. (top right area of web GUI)
Also something to note... the Enclosure and Blade Server must have a serial number programmed from the factory for proper registration with Control Tower (you must also give the Rack a name in the Control Tower GUI).