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importing images


importing images


I'm running ICE 6.3 and this was a complete re-install from an older version. I did save the images however. Is there a way I can import these older images into my new install of ICE?

Thanks! John
Rigoberto Corujo
Frequent Advisor

Re: importing images

Hi John,

In addition to the ".tar.gz" file containing the image, did you save the ".xml" file from the "/opt/repository/.icle" directory? The ".xml" file contains information about the captured image that's needed for deploying the image.


Re: importing images

Rigoberto, I saved all of /opt/ I do have the .xml file. What do I do at this point?
Rigoberto Corujo
Frequent Advisor

Re: importing images

Note: This procedure involves making changes to files under the "/opt/repository/.icle" directory, which is not recommended.

References to the image appear in the filesystem as the image name combined with a unique lengthy suffix, which will be referred to as in these instructions. For example, if your image name is "rhel61-myserver-x64", the image will appear in the filesystem as "rhel61-myserver-x64-17a445ba16-3-c-201105191409".


1. Copy your image from the old repository to the new.

# cp -a /image/ /opt/repository/image

2. Copy the XML file containing your image information from the old repository to the new.

# cp /.icle/.xml /opt/repository/.icle/

3. Edit "/opt/repository/.icle/.xml" and locate the "RepositoryId" field. Its value should be a long hex string that looks something like "fdcd5be6-9eca-4d95-86fc-e1c28c916240".

4. Verify that this repository ID is not used in any other file in that directory

# grep *

Ex: grep fdcd5be6-9eca-4d95-86fc-e1c28c916240 *

If some other file is already using this UID, then you will need to make up a new one and modify the RepositoryId field in the XML reference file with the new UID.

Re: importing images


I've also noticed that there are no options in the GUI that I could find to delete unwanted images. I guess to do this, you could just delete the files that you have specified in the image transfer procedure?

Thanks, John