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openSUSE DL320e G8 V2

T Schwab
Occasional Contributor

openSUSE DL320e G8 V2

I want to setup e-mail alerts for hardware events on a DL320e G8 V2 running openSUSE 13.1.


This page indicates openSUSE is a supported distribution.


This page has opensuse and openSUSE folders for 11.3 and 11.4.  (The 11.4 folders are empty - and no modern version of openSUSE appears.)


1. Where is the proper software for openSUSE 13.1?

2. What components are required for hardware event monitoring?  (for example: hard disk, power supply, fan failure, etc...)


- Tim



Re: openSUSE DL320e G8 V2



Its not opensuse its suse enterprise linux (SLES) I.


I also had issues with this, and tried all ubutu flavours, problems with the fakeraid controller. Only OS I got working was centos7.


Sorry, HP dont official support community versions and there drivers are closed source :( 

Maybe one of the more knowledgable people can help from HP.




Jimmy Vance

Re: openSUSE DL320e G8 V2

You need the B120i 'hpvsa' driver which is available for Rad Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Enterprise Linux. There was one release for Ubuntu but it will only work with a specific kernel.  The Red Hat driver will also work with CentOS.  'hpvsa' is one of a few driver from HP that is closed source, most are not.


You can start here and select the OS to get the driver. You need the file listed under the  'Software -  Driver Update' tab, it is a dd image

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! Accept or KudoI work for HPE