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p-Class blades and ICE-Linux v2.0

Christopher Grandinetti
Frequent Advisor

p-Class blades and ICE-Linux v2.0

p-Class blades were recently qualified with ICE-Linux v2.0. As a result of this qualification effort, it was determined that the discovery of p-Class blades in the configuration breaks the ICE-Linux Nagios monitoring capabilities (i.e. Nagios fails to start). Note that no issues were identified with using ICE-Linux to deploy p-Class blades. If you have p-Class blades in your configuration, you must follow the procedure below to work around the Nagios start-up issue.

However, official support for p-Class blades will not be provided until a formal fix is released.

Perform the following steps on your CMS to enable Nagios to start:

1. Download the attachment file from this note:

2. Change to the directory that contains the file
# cd /opt/hptc/nagios/bin

3. Make a backup copy of the original file
# cp -p hp_svc_nagios hp_svc_nagios.orig

4. Patch the file using the downloaded patched file
# patch hp_svc_nagios hp_svc_nagios.patch

5. Restart Nagios if you have already run "Configure ICE-Linux Management Services"
# /etc/init.d/nagios restart