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7.09 UPdate problem

Stefano Colombo
Regular Advisor

7.09 UPdate problem

After updating from 7.08 to 7.09 the IRS service does not start anymore .

Has anyone had the same update issue ?




Re: 7.09 UPdate problem

HI stefano,


I suggest you contact HP support to get help with this issue.


There are some corner cases that can happen, depending on how you processed your update.

This would better be discussed with the support team than on this open forum.


I am an HPE employee.
Honored Contributor

Re: 7.09 UPdate problem

i have the same issue on multiple Customer Sites and try serveral Ways to fix it.

At the End I come always to the same (poor) solution.

Deinstall, clean up all Dirs (also hidden ProgramData), reinstall.

And then re-enter all the needed Information.


But may be you can fix it with a Support Call.

That was not planned in this way.

Re: 7.09 UPdate problem

Good to check the IRS Logs (~\programdata\HP\RS\logs)

Key log file hprs-YYYY-MM-DD.0


Good to log case with HP IRS Support in parallel

Sanjay Mundhra
I am a HPE Employee

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