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Access to HAO node using RAP portal.

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Access to HAO node using RAP portal.


I am a support engineer to of the fortune mission critical customer. I have an issue with HAO login. I have a valid HAO login access, when I am trying to login using RAP portal using EMEA RSR Brussels ISDN Access server I could authenticate myself towards access server, but could not login to HAO node. I am using my HAO login details while logging to access server. But connection from access server to HAO node is not possible.

When I tried to connect, error shows "connection closed by remote host" And I noticed the destination tunnel tcp port 3389 status is not connected.
Could anyone help me, how to verify the connection between access server to HAO node.

How to enable this particular port.

I tried to connect with F-secure client, connection upto access server is ok, but when tried to telnet to hao node/spop node, connection gets refused.

HAO node is hpux os, and even access server is hpux.

can any one help me.
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: Access to HAO node using RAP portal.


You should call the EMEA Support Center for RAP Support.

If you are trying RAP to an existing HAO Node (which is HP-UX box), you can only do SSH, not RDC. SSH requires port 22 and RDC requires port 3389. RDC is used when you connect to a SPOP (which is a Windows machine).

"connection closed by remote host" usually means SSH Server is not running on the CAS.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Access to HAO node using RAP portal.

thank you