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Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

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Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

Hi All,


I need alerting in advance when warranty or contract expires on the managed device.... Is this possible with simple basic installation of HP SIM server (CMS)? or i need any other components\plug-ins to be installed?






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Re: Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

This is a build in function if you use SIM together with insight remote support advance.


Overview info




for all the documents

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Re: Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

Thank you BPE for the reply

Is this kind of alerting (warranty or contract expires) possible without using insight remote support advance? We don't want to use it beacuse of the additional configuration needed to setup insight remote support advance....

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Re: Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

Is it possible without using "insight remote support advance"?

Anyone please?


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Re: Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

To my knowledge you need IRS basic/advanced for this.

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Re: Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

Stupid HP SIM question of the day.

I have been tasked with get the warranty data for HP device added into SIM, based on my research , this should be within SIM after you install Insight Remote Support Advanced (IRSA). I think that I have installed everything right but I'm nto sure.


  1. Am I right that this should be in there?
  2. I hate to ask, but is there a step-by step guide for this to setup SIM and IRSA?
  3. Where exactly will I find the warranty data?
  4. Are there any troubleshooting tips for this?
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Re: Automatic notification-warranty or contract expires

Just noticed that no one responded to you..

I can't speak to IRS because we use IRSA, but it works well.

There is a relatively large guide for IRSA to explain how it works and how to set it up - here's a link to the manuals page for IRSA:

You may need to configure the entitlement in the Remote Support Configuration tool. It's under Options and it's basically run from the SMH of your SIM server. Here it will show you any problem nodes or anything that hasn't been enabled for lookups/remote support. You can force enable everything and then force a lookup in here if you want to, but I found this isn't always necessary.

The warranty status indicator that shows up on every system's main page (and in the main table view) will show a good, warning, or major event status. Warning means the warranty is about to expire and a major status is that it's already expired.

Once you have IRSA working, just go to a server's page (or do this by collection if you want to force lookup a bunch) and go to Options - Contract and Warranty Data Collection and let it fly. After a few seconds it should come back with success or failure. After that you should be able to click on the warrany link that's on the main status page per server and it will show you all the info on the coverage.

You need a few data elements to be discovered/entered for the warranty lookup to work. The key field is the serial number of course, followed by a few others, of which I think only 2 or 3 are needed in total, such as product ID, or country of purchase (which can both be set in the system properties page). Normally product ID and serial get discovered automatically so this usually isn't a problem. The IRSA guide should go over this a bit.

I am by no means and expert, but we use this data heavily to see where things are missing coverage and it's one of the main reasons we are using SIM in the first place - great feature! If you use third party companies for coverage, it's not likely that HP will have this information though.