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C7000 enclosures and IRS ...


C7000 enclosures and IRS ...



WE have a system with five C7000 enclosures, and a large number of blades. When IRS was initially set up, we could not get it to monitor the c7000 enclosures. We've got a green tick on Warranty and Entitlement, but a big red cross on Monitoring and Collection.


The guy who set it up could not figure out why it did not work as expected. 


The only protocols he set up for the enclosue were anonymous HTTP and anonymous HTTPS. Apparently, that should have been enough, but it isn't.


In an effort to try and get the thing working as expected, I tried setting up SNMP v3 on one of the enclosures and telling IRS to use SNMP against the device. I now have a  green tick against 'Monitoring and Collections'! But, it's still no use.


WIth it being a quiet day, and some of the blades not in use, I tried a few experiments:

- Pulled out a blade, while it was running.

- Pulled out a power supply

- Pulled out some of the power cords in the back.


Not a thing in IRS, alas! It was only pulling the power cord that made the enclosure change status to degraded (guess it can tolerate the loss of a power supply or a blade ...) but there was nothing appearing in IRS. 


Now, I don't know what I am doing or how I should be doing it. I suspect the problem may be that, although I set up SNMP monitoring, I didn't set up the IRS server as an snmp Alert destination. Having set that up, when I do a Test event I now actually see it in IRS. Success? I will have to wait until tomorrow when i can pull out power cords etc and see if IRS gets anything, as I am at home at the moment.


Am I proceeding along the right lines here, or is there a simpler way this should work?


Re: C7000 enclosures and IRS ...

Well, it was all working and now it broke again.


Specifically, Monitoring and Collection stopped working.


All I get is this completely useless error message:


"The execution of this functionality is currently pending a scheduled activity. For details, please refer to the Help function."


Can someone tell me, how do I find out what scheduled activity is preventing this from working? Please?


I am beginning to hate this software.


Re: C7000 enclosures and IRS ...

Hi Malcom - at this point, I think logging a support case with the HP team would be your best bet to find out what's happening here, so you can get back to being productive.

I am an HPE employee.