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CMS Re-Register

David Larvin

CMS Re-Register

I had RSP/SWM/CMS registered but had some issues so I removed the product. Actually have to comment that I am not impressed with this product at all. Anyway I have reinstalled and every section is successful except the last part, the CMS registration. So my question is , could the registration still be held in the HP Data Centre thus stopping me from re-registering, therefore how do I remove that registration and who in HP do I ask?
Michael Wyant
Trusted Contributor

Re: CMS Re-Register


Most of last week there were problems on HP's back end first with passing a connectivity test (7/12-7/14am) and then with the registration piece (7/15-7/18) I was able to successfully register two systems on 7/18 one at 07:30EDT and one at 14:30 EDT you may just have to give it one more try. The only thing I would advise you to check is proxy settings if anything.