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CMS on a virtual machine

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CMS on a virtual machine

Hi every body,

I'm facing some issues with IRS.

I've just installed HP SIM and IRSA 5.70 on my CMS.

As I have my CMS on a virtual machine, i can not install the PSP, which means no SNMP in the SMH.

now i want to check the installation so far by sending a test snmp trap from my cms and see if HP SIM will recognize/receive the incident but i don't know how.

thank you.


Re: CMS on a virtual machine

The PSP is necessary to monitor the physical hardware where an operatin system is running on. On a virtual system these prerequisites are not met.
The user interface of IRSA bases on the System Management Homepage. With the current versions of the SIM kits a SMH kit is included.
To be able to monitor managed devices which use SNMP, the SNMP services on the Windows of the virtual CMS must be turned on.

It's highly recommended to monitor the physical system where your virtual CMS is running on.

Regards, Werner

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Re: CMS on a virtual machine

thank you for the reply.

actually i installed the snmp using the roles in the server manager ( it's MS 2008 ).

therefore, i can ommit the whole part of the installation of IRS concerning the PSP in the CMS as it is virtual. right ?

another question, is it normal to have SMH empty ?

and how can i monitor the physical machine of my cms ? ( i have already installed the management agent on my esx )

thank you so much