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CV and eva entitlement

Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

CV and eva entitlement

If an EVA or CV server are not entitled, what exactly does that mean from an RSP functionality perspective? Will HP not get any events from the device? Will any storage configurations be sent to HP? Will SIM still see events from the device?
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: CV and eva entitlement

It's complex to explain, but the bottom line is that unless you're entitled, I'm not sure you'll be able to see events in SIM. But you will be able to see live health status of your EVAs, and this might be enough.

Concerning events, the controller events are written to the windows event log of the SMS, then ELMC (wccproxy) picks them up and sends them to WEBES on the CMS. WEBES analyzes the events and if service is needed, it instructs the ISEE client (which is still part of RSP) to open an event at HP but this will happen only if your device is entitled. Once this is done the only event log entry you'll see in SIM is "A service event has been reported" which will contain details the failure your EVA has.

To test this, do a "wccproxy test" on your SMS and see what ends up in SIM, no matter if you're entitled or not.

At least, that's how it works here with CV 6.0.2. I don't know if more recent versions of CV behave that way.

To be notified some other way, you can configure WEBES to send e-mails to you, and it will happily do so, and provide all the details on the events.

Good luck
Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: CV and eva entitlement


Even though there is not entitlement for your product, it will send the issues to HP, but it will end up in a non-priority queue at their end. I have customers who have received a phone call regarding repairing stuff which is out of warranty.