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Changing Support Provider in Remote Support

chris sales

Changing Support Provider in Remote Support

Hi, i am changing the Support Provider in HPSIMv6.1b from HP to our company hardware provider, who will then deal with the hardware failures. I have entered the ProviderID and changed all the manages hardware to reflect the new company. I have been given an e-mail address of the ServiceDesk of the SuppportProvider but do not know where i need to enter this new e-mail address. I assume i need to as any e-mail alerts for hardware failures will need to go to this new address, and not HP .... is that assumptioon correct ? does anyone klnow where i need to put the e-mail address ? any help greatly appreciated.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Changing Support Provider in Remote Support

This feature is very new in Europe.
I would recommend that you test the feature together with your service partner.
He should know how to generate a simulated hardware failure, which should be passed by remote support to HP and forwarded as an email to the service partner.
You need to be sure that your service partner is authorized to handle all the managed hardware. In some cases you have a mixture between multiple service partner and HP depending on the hardware platforms you are using.