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Comments field in IRS 7.x

Steve Begley
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Comments field in IRS 7.x



I work for HOST Computer Services - an HP Expert ONE Learning Partner, and IRS is included in some (if not all) of the Proliant courses I run.


Having spent nearly 25 years at DEC and Compaq focusing (at a UK and EMEA level) on problem analysis and remote notification, I see there is still a problem with the comments field when calls are generated - the comments information is shown on the second page / screen of the call logged and although I have put information into this comments field to say that any calls logged will as a result of training and to please ignore and close  - I am still contacted by Bangalore when this product is demo'd because only the first screen is viewed - if the information in the comments field could be shown on the primary screen - that would improve this product dramatically.


I look forward to any comments,


Thanks and regards - Steve.B.

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Re: Comments field in IRS 7.x

Thanks Steve, I'll pass that along to the IRS Team.