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Configuring ISEE client (non-graphical way)

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Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Configuring ISEE client (non-graphical way)

After installing the ISEE v3.50 client, I have to launch a html browser and have to go to the location:


after logging in, it gives me the screens to populate with my corporate information and notification names etc.

Since I have about 35 systems to run this procedure on, it got old pretty quick after 5 systems, to populate HTML forms.

I am wondering if there is a script or text based application that I can run via a telnet/terminal emulation which will interactively get this information from me, so that I can stream line the process by providing input from a file ?

Any input is greatly appreciated...

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35 systems to install ISEE
when 1 system gets installed
34 systems to install ISEE
UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
Frank Alden Smith_5
Occasional Visitor

Re: Configuring ISEE client (non-graphical way)

If you look at the:

"HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition Client Installation and Upgrade Guide"

available at:

You will find a section for each ISEE client entitled, "Pre-Configuring and Installing ... Clients". Where the dots represent the clients you want to install. For example, "Pre-Configuring and Installing Linux Clients." Each of these sections describe a way to batch configure your customer information, e.g., company name, contact e-mail address, etc. If you use this procedure all you will have to do is go back and configure the "variable" information, e.g., entitlement credentials, using the ISEE Client browser interface.

I hope that helps.

Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring ISEE client (non-graphical way)

Thanks a lot. This is what the doctor just ordered.

To those who are going to take this path in the future, when this path of preconfiguration taken, you will see some questions that you will not see when you do it graphically via browser. I answered them with the default options and it worked for me, just to let you know.
UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
Occasional Advisor

Re: Configuring ISEE client (non-graphical way)

Did use the "pre-configured" depot (this is, adding a "response" file to the bundle using swask command as documented in UserGuide)
but, in my case, I had +300 clients I needed to install so, scripted everything including SerialNum/Model/SystemHandle/contactEmail/etc using /opt/hpservices/RemoteSupport/bin/coreConfig.
It can be used to change pretty much everything in /opt/hpservices/etc/motprefs.