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Connetivity test between ISEE and Insight Manager agent or Toptools agent

LEONG Tiang Wah
Occasional Contributor

Connetivity test between ISEE and Insight Manager agent or Toptools agent

I have setup ISEE in two environment and installed required agents and SNMP tools. See below,

1) Win2K on NetServer
- Toptools agents
- Microsoft SNMP service

2) RedHat ES 2.1 on Bl20P
- ProLiant Support Pack (including all Insight Manager agents and SNMP tools)

I also got ISEE registration successful. But when I pull out a mirror harddisk, I did not see ISEE open a case even the agent reported
even thought the agent reported the event.

Any way to test or ensure the Insight Manager or Toptools agent forward alert to ISEE?
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: Connetivity test between ISEE and Insight Manager agent or Toptools agent

Yes there is a way to test the ISEE incident information flow!

Let's start with ProLiant running Red Hat. At the command line enter the following command:
# snmptrap public enterprises.232 \
6 11003 0

You should see an ISEE incident with an Incident description of: cpqHo2GenericTrap. If you do then hardware events will be reported to the HP Support Center.

For a NetServer run the EvtHandlerTool.exe and select the 'Test Message' tab. Then select the 'Send Test Message' button. You should see an ISEE incident description 'Test event from lrstehd'. Again if you do you can be 'reasonably' sure the hardware event will make it to the HP Support Center.

If these fail let me know there is more to test.

Take care,
All knowing is doing.

Re: Connetivity test between ISEE and Insight Manager agent or Toptools agent

Remember that for ISEE to work correctly with the Proliant, you will need access to the SNMP filtering software OSEM - available here :

You have to install this on a Windows machine somewhere accesible by the Proliant - then point your trap to OSEM either by editing the Proliant's snmp.conf in /etc/snmp or by browsing to the Proliant's Insight Manager page on https://:2381 and using the edit trap function in the settings tab (depends on agent version). Once you can send traps to OSEM - then this will check to see if the Proliant has the ISEE client installed and if so will log the call. The later Agents also have a "send test trap" button that allows a test to be sent without having to remember the snmptrap syntax.

The Netserver doesn't need OSEM to work and should be able to log a call automatically providing the TopTools Agents are the latest:

Make sur your machine is supported:

and the following pre-requisites are met:

Sufficient memory (128 MB) on each server.
â ¢ Display adapter and monitor are 1024x768 (minimum resolution is 800x600)
â ¢ Sufficient disk space (135 MB disk space) on each server to install and operate the
ISEE software.
CAUTION Terminal Services and Remote Desktop are not supported for the installation of ISEE on
Windows operating systems.

Additional Prerequisites for Supported HP NetServers

TopTools Agents 5.52 or greater for supported HP Netservers running supported
versions of Windows. Documentation for installing and configuring these agents is
available from the TopTools agent download website.
To access TopTools Agents from the TopTools Website complete the following steps:
1. In a Web browser access
Installing HP ISEE on Windows Clients
Meeting ISEE Support Prerequisites for Windows
Appendix D 89
2. Select the support & drivers link.
3. Select the Downloads drivers and software radio button.
4. Enter HP Management Applications and click the arrow button next to the text
NOTE Enter HP Management Applications in step 4, to ensure that a complete list of
TopTools agents is displayed. Entering a specific Netserver model number may not
display a complete list of agents, such as the agents for Windows 2000.
5. Choose the appropriate operating system by clicking the corresponding link. A new
page will open, and you can download the appropriate version of TopTools from the
HP Server Agents row.

Hope this
I am an HP employee
Marius Bower
Occasional Advisor

Re: Connetivity test between ISEE and Insight Manager agent or Toptools agent

Hi there,

I would like to know why the ISEE client software cannot be installed via terminal services or remote desktop? What will happen if I use this remote method.