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Contract and warranry not synced with HPSIM


Contract and warranry not synced with HPSIM

Hi All!


In IRS version 5.70 advanced version contract and warranty was synced with HPSIM.

I can not find this excellent feature in IRS versin 7.0.5.

In HPSIM there is a collection called "Contract and Warranty information" for all servers.

This was the main point for customer to install IRS.
Is it some way to do this in IRS 7.0.5?

Or is it planned in a new version of IRS.


This is not one step back, this is a mile back....


Customer wants to have one console (HPSIM) and not two consoles.



/Micke Ch


Re: Contract and warranry not synced with HPSIM

Thank you for your feedback about the contract and warranty feature, it is indeed very popular. As you may have realized this information was only available in HP SIM when Insight Remote Support Advanced was installed as well. We have had a lot of customers who liked all the features of Insight RS, but did not utilize the SIM capabilities. Requests were made to have these features available without the need for installing HP SIM. Insight RS 7.0.5 allows users both possibilities.  Contract and warranty information is now available in the Insight RS 7.0.5 screens without having to install SIM. If you do utilize SIM, then the two can be integrated using the optional adapter in Insight RS and you can configure the event information to flow into SIM as well creating your single console. 


Hopefully these new options will meet the needs of even more of our customers

I am an HPE employee.

Re: Contract and warranry not synced with HPSIM

Thanks for a good answer.



Many of the customers using SIM want to have Conract and Warranty in SIM.

Is it a way to fix this?

I have seen that event can flow from IRS to SIM but I can not find out if it is possible with Contract and Warranty information.


Best Regards

/Mikael Christenson

Occasional Advisor

Re: Contract and warranry not synced with HPSIM

This feature was huge.  Now I have 2 consoles to review in order to see contract and warranty status.  Why would HP remove HP SIM integration?  What do i need to do in order to get that integration back, so i can see columns with my expired or upcoming expired contracts?

Occasional Advisor

Re: Contract and warranry not synced with HPSIM

After trying to use HP Insight Online, i've found it to be extremely slow.  Going between pages takes ~10 seconds.  I have had a few machines with failed drives, and while they all state within HPSIM that the case was submitted, Insight online doesn't show the same.  The site information i've input within HPSIM doesn't flow up to Insight Online.


The integration with HPSIM is lacking.  There should be a link to the local RS page, and another link to the HP Insight online page.  There should be a visual representation of contract/warranty status, exactly like previous versions.


Failing to maintain the HPSIM integration features of IRS 5.80 when moving to Insight Online 7.0 is a blunder.