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Customer has upgraded to A.03.95.500

Curtis Wheatley_3
Occasional Advisor

Customer has upgraded to A.03.95.500

I've got an issue with runner from ISEE and ovconfd likely bumping into each other during collection intervals. Is a document available detailing the runner.conf configuration values?
Liem Nguyen
Honored Contributor

Re: Customer has upgraded to A.03.95.500

This is the only thing I've found in the User Guide:

The runner configuration is located on the customer system at:

The configuration file can be modified by a root user using a text editor. Values users may wish to change are the following:

#Must be True to monitor Serviceguard
export RunnerSGMonitor="True"

#Must be True to monitor oracle
export RunnerOracleMonitor="True"

#User ID used by database processes
export RunnerOracleUID="oracle"

#The location of the Oracle, oratab file.
export RunnerOracleOratab="/etc/oratab"

Once values have been changed in the runner.conf file the following script needs to be run as root, for the changes to take effect:


Note that modifying this file will cause a swverify of the application to fail. This is one of the checks done during when the Runner HealthCheck script is run so an error will be reported if an HealthCheck is run, but it can be ignored.

Hope this helps.
Curtis Wheatley_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: Customer has upgraded to A.03.95.500

Thanks Liem,

I have been looking at that information. I need something a bit more detailed on the options available in runner.conf. An response center advocate is working with the lab to get some additioanl information.

Thanks for you reply - The restart information was quite helpful