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DECevent and ISEE (older Alpha HW)

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DECevent and ISEE (older Alpha HW)

I am looking for a document/information on how to get DECevent working with ISEE. (UNIX or OVMS)

Re: DECevent and ISEE (older Alpha HW)

Hi Peter,

first of all for legancy Alpha/Vax servers where you must use DECevent you have to install another product called ENP
(DECevent Event Notification Program). If you download this software there is a custom letter included that discribes the configuration of ENP and DECevent. ENP will report each incident detected by DECevent to OSEM and if the OSEM Host has installed a native ISEE client that the incident will delivered from OSEM via ISEE to HP.

Pls. let me know if you are an employee of HP than I will you send a intranet link for downloading ENP. I will attach ENP customletter for Tru64 UNIX.

best regards

I work for HP
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Re: DECevent and ISEE (older Alpha HW)

Hello Dirk,

yes, I am on HP's intranet. Thanks for your reply.