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DNS settings on SPOP


DNS settings on SPOP

Hello all!

We have a customer that has a very secure datacentre. They currently have the ISEE client on their HPUX boxes which all work OK through a web proxy which "reports" to

As an interim measure prior to installing the vpn router, it has been decided to install the SPOP and once this is working, run the change server scripts on the ISEE clients.

We have come accross a problem whereby the customer resolves all host names on their intranet using a host file as they don't run a DNS server. Whilst copying the host file into winnt\system32\drivers\etc allows the SPOP to resolve all internal host names, there is no way the SPOP can resolve any external hosts apart from the one allowed by their web-proxy ( which also appears in the host file. (This is the ONLY currently allowed address allowed through their web-proxy)

The question is:

If the SPOP can't use DNS to resolve names required (eg is there a definitive minimum list of host names required by the SPOP that could be manually inserted into a host file and agreed with customer to be allowed through their web proxy?

From the documentation, it is noted that the SPOP does not itself have to be registered in DNS, but does need to resolve "some" hosts - is there anything else that DNS would be required for on the SPOP? (A DNS server service could be enabled on the SPOP(!), however it would not resolve external names - and internal names would still be resolved via the hosts file)

Any thoughts/ideas gratefully received!
I am an HP employee
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Re: DNS settings on SPOP

Hello Robinson,
I have a similar kind of SPOP setup.The SPOP troubleshooting guide says the DNS entry is not a must for SPOP, and I have initialised the SPOP without DNS entry even without making the entry in
winnt\system32\drivers\etc and I confirmed my SPOP could reach the SPOP backend.
Eventhough the SPOP could send some data to backend the final result was zero, in the sense the ISEE installation events has came in the clients but the events didn't reach the ISEE backend ( the incidents are showing OPEN.
Once you try installation that SPOP will create a installation table at the backend.
My case is still a failure and research is going on the case.
I suggest you, before doing anything please verify the DNS requirements with the LAB itself.
Raneesh Vijayan

Re: DNS settings on SPOP

Thanks for the reply:

To re-phrase the original question:-

" ....what addresses need to be reachable from the SPOP apart from as the servelet is not returned from "

I have since discovered that the address is the same as the adress (in other words they are both so the problem I have here is one of allowable protocols rather than one of resolution. Specifically, the network infrastructure is required to pass the SSL protocol to communicate with the https:// address.

How embarrasing! (for me!)

I am an HP employee
Frauke Denker_2
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Re: DNS settings on SPOP

Hello Mark,
you also need to be able to resolve ( as this is the site for the SPOP software updates, means the spirian service! Depending on the customer contract, you might as well neeed the sanmaster which is
( The access to all IPs is via https so port 443, for the sanmaster you may also user mail, so port 25.