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Deleting a ISEE monitored client from an SPOP


Deleting a ISEE monitored client from an SPOP

I know that the directions are pretty straight forward but I don't seem to have a "DELETE" button when I view all systems in admin mode...

Any suggestions?
Robert Clifford_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Deleting a ISEE monitored client from an SPOP

There is no longer a delete button this was on the older SPOP release,
Da Vinci etc and phased out in Hopper.
What you need to do is set the additional client to removed from the view alldevices menu screen. As there are two, the additonal one that is inactive & removable would be listed as not polling. Remember to submit/save changes or any alterations made will not be registered.

If you are still having problems, try this!

Put the curser over the system name you want to remove (you will see an id number associated with the hostname link on the bottom of the screen). Here is an example:
Paste the following url in the Browser's address bar, replace the XX with the deviceid, and hit enter.
View the device groups. The client should not be listed. You will need to do this for each client name you wish to remove.
If you have devices like what we spoke about (not polling and mad is running), I would simply reinstall the client software over the old an run /opt/hpservices/RemoteSupport/bin/reconnectToServer on each client. That should help clear up the console devices display. And if you are successful you will see only legitimate systems that you are now tracking.

I got this information on the following site and it worked for me.