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Devices show up as IP addresses instead of DNS names

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Devices show up as IP addresses instead of DNS names



I know this question has been asked before, but I wanted to know if there is an easy fix.


During discoveries in IRS, a new system will show up temporarily as its host name, but once the cycle is complete, it reverts to IP address only.  The settings in the iLO are all filled in (host name, DNS name, domain name for the iLO).  We use a specific DNS format for all our hosts and iLO names, but there are no reverse DNS zones.  We simply have too many networks to maintain non-dynamic reverse zones.


I know SIM has typically relied on reverse DNS for discoveries, so i assume IRS is the same.  I am running IRS and SIM 7.3 underneath it.  I don't synchronize anything with SIM right now, discoveries are handled separatey.


I am trying to finalize a process to register hosts automatically with a PowerShell script and I am just about done, expect for this DNS/name issue.  I have tried adding the names to the hosts file on the SIM/IRS server (it's Windows 2008).


Any ideas?





Re: Devices show up as IP addresses instead of DNS names

Add the addresses to the HOSTS file on the IRS server. There is, it seems, no other way; especially if you are not willing to run reverse lookup ... 


The good news is, the HOSTS file is just a text file. Should be easy to get Powershell to edit/update it, if you're looking to automate it.


The best answer would be for HP to add a 'Display Name' option that you could use to override whatever IRS thinks your device name should be...


Edit: Oh, you tried that. I don't know what else you can do, then. That mostly fixed the problem for me. Sorry ... Only thing I CAN add is ... once you add the entries into HOSTS, you do have to Discover Device and do a Server Basic Collection again. And may even have to delete it and rediscover it. 


Re: Devices show up as IP addresses instead of DNS names

There is a capability in Insight Remote Support that allows the user to direct the tool about which subnet to 

use during discovery.


I am not sure if this solves your problem directly, but it does tell the tool which IP address subnet to use - 

the iLO returns them in a random order - each call, they could come back in a different order - and I-RS by 

default uses the first one.


To influence the order, please check out the document:


HP Insight Remote Support Monitored Devices Configuration Guide  on pages 41 and 42 for a set of commands

to direct this behavior.


I hope this helps - you can at least direct us which subnet to use (if there are multiple).  This is what the product

can do now.


I will pass the request made in this post to the product manager to consider as a future feature.


I am an HPE employee.

Re: Devices show up as IP addresses instead of DNS names

Thanks. I'll take a look at that tomorrow, but I am sure I already tried it. It only affects which subnet it uses to discover devices; the name picked still depends on the reverse lookup of the IPs and if I recall correctly, the discovery setting doesn't affect which IP address it picks.


The behaviour gets even more bizarre sometimes. I have some BL460c workstations which had two adapters enabled initially; one of them wasn't going anywhere and Windows 7 gave them DHCP auto discovered addresses. I deconfigured the adapters in the Onboard administrator, leaving the machines with only one. But even after deleting and rediscovering these workstations, they still come up with 169.254 addresses. Cannot figure out how to fix that one at all ... the iLO must be holding on to the addresses somewhere in its configuration.


Re: Devices show up as IP addresses instead of DNS names



Thanks for the additional information.  All of this will help when looking into this issue.



I am an HPE employee.